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If You're Tired of Feeling Stuck and Struggling in Life 
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Tracey-Leigh Davey 
Specialist Counsellor, Author, Speaker & Business Owner
More Than Mediocre

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"You CAN change 
your life.  Don't wait any longer.  
Make 2020 YOUR 
year to shine." 

- Tracey-Leigh Davey -
Here's what's included in the Freedom Package:

1:1 Counselling Sessions ✔

3 x Clarity Sessions (60 min)
2 x Intensive Sessions (2.5 hrs)
3 x Implementation Sessions (60 min)    
That's a total of 11 hours 1:1 with your allocated  counsellor or life coach who will support you every 
step of the way.  Appointments may be attended in person at our offices or via Online Video Link up.
Value $1,595

Making Life Work (Online) ✔

Based on my popular 2 day sellout event, "Going Deeper", this course guides you through amazing "life hacks" and techniques for thinking and processing that, 
put simply... just work!  We cross over into one of my live events where you will see demonstrations and explanations for theories on life that break you free of old unhelpful patterns and remove stress and self doubt from your life.  This is a toolbox full of easy to apply concepts that will have you feeling in control, open up more choices for you and spur you on to create ease and abundance in every area of your life.  
Value $997

Private FaceBook Group ✔

Full membership to Tracey-Leigh's Private FaceBook Group for Freedom Package participants.  Post your questions and view BONUS content.   
Value $97

Group Calls with Tracey-Leigh Live after Every Module ✔

Every fortnight you will be sent a link to join Tracey-Leigh on a group call where you can ask questions and discuss specific life examples for implementing the concepts and strategies delivered in every module  
of the OnLine Course.
This will support you to break through your ceiling on possibility and self-belief and give you a context for evaluating the attitudes and practices that work in
your life, and the one's that don't.
Tracey-Leigh stays on the phone until ALL the groups questions are answered, so you will have plenty of time to talk to her about your own situation and dilemmas and get her practical input and advice.
Value $697

Live Event - Start With You ✔

This is Tracey-Leigh's most popular sell-out event.  
Start With You is held in the south eastern suburbs of Melbourne every Autumn and provides a full day of connection and healing work featuring visualisation 
and meditation, grounding and energy work and 
Tracey-Leigh's own Time Release Technique .  
This one day event will completely refresh you and support you to implement changes with ease.  It will help you to manage negative emotions, grow self-love and acceptance, melt away rigidity and judgement and find inner peace within yourself.
Value $497
Six months of support encompassing five learning styles and the best break through tools & strategies for change
Total Value of Package $3,883
Yours for just $2,997
Payment Plan Available
Deposit $999 then 2 monthly payments of $999
Or Pay In Full UPFRONT and SAVE $500
"Hi, I'm Tracey-Leigh.  If you are struggling to move forwards and feel like you're stuck on repeat mode, you are not alone.  Many people are struggling right now and I know this, because I hear from people every day.  I've worked successfully with every human dynamic and setting imaginable, from alcohol and drug recovery and mental health to abuse and trauma and resolving relationship and communication difficulties.  But perhaps more importantly, I know what it takes to recover from brokenness.  I know what it takes to step upwards and forwards even when everyone is telling you you'll fail, or it can't be done, or they won't support you!  
I know what it takes to get up after being knocked down repeatedly and do what needs to be done to care for the children.  I know what it takes to pick up the pieces of a broken life and 
re-build it.  I know what it takes to step outside of what you've been told and stand alone as you dare to dream that something better, something incredible, is actually possible for you.
I know this because I've done it - and I've helped hundreds of others to do it as well.
Now I know that you have probably tried things before and not got the results you were looking for.  Sadly, that happens.  Happily, it does not happen at More Than Mediocre!  If you commit to an outcome, so do we.  No matter what the issues are, we have the knowledge and experience to work with you effectively to achieve the results that you desire, even if you don't quite know what that is yet!  Don't keep wondering when - or if - you're ever going to be happy.  Decide, commit and resolve TODAY, to make it happen now.  You don't have to do this alone. Grab your Freedom Package today and make 2020 the year that things really change for you."
- Tracey-Leigh Davey - 
Change Begins Now
  • Qualified Leading Counsellor, Author, Speaker and Group Trainer with over 22 years experience
  • ​More Than 12 Years in Private Practice
  • ​100's & 100's of happy clients and testimonials
  • ​Expert on Relationships, Communication and Human Emotions & Behaviour
  • Trained with some of the World's Leading Speakers and Thought Leaders of our time
  • ​Personal Life Experience of Overcoming Abuse, Loss, Hardship and Heartbreak
  • ​Hand-picked and Personally Mentored Counselling Team of Talented Counsellors and Life Coaches
That's why so many people have already succeeded in creating a happier and more fulfilling life and why you know you can trust us to help you to do the same
and Break Through the Barriers to Your Best Life

Meet The Team
"I absolutely love my job and learning from Tracey-Leigh is such a privilege.  She's such a positive and energetic person and you can't help but feel inspired by her.  I love working 1:1 with the clients to identify blocks and make the shifts that so radically change their lives for the better.  I can't wait for the Freedom Recruits to come through in 2020 so that I can share in their journey and walk with them towards a happier life - one of their own design and choice. "
"In the 6 years I've been working with Tracey-Leigh, my favourite thing is seeing changes in the mood, energy and body language of the client's from when they first come in.  They start out low and down-hearted and every time I see them, they are standing taller and their energy literally evolves into an excited and happy state.  It's amazing to watch.  I'm so proud to be a part of it all and I can't wait to work with our Freedom Package clients in 2020!  Exciting times ahead."
"I always wanted to be a counsellor and I'm so grateful that I get to do this and be there for our clients every day.  It's so nice having Tracey-Leigh there to guide us too, she's just so naturally insightful, and just knows - she just knows!  She makes me feel so confident.  I love supporting the clients through whatever obstacles or difficulties they are experiencing and supporting them to get the results they really want.  Helping clients to constantly grow and improve in order to find happiness in life is such a joy.. and the success that they experience, I get to share with them.  This truly is my dream job!" 
"Tracey-Leigh and her Counselling Team have already made a difference in the lives of literally, hundreds upon hundreds of clients.  Grab your Freedom Package TODAY and make yours the next life to be impacted.
With the Right Expert Support and Strategies in Place...
You CAN create the Life you Truly Want
Guarantee:- If, after fully participating and completing the program, you do not experience positive, lasting change in your life - we'll give you your money back. Simple.  And that's not even a bold promise.  It's a no-brainer.  Because this is a personalised program.  Things WILL change for you - and we will walk with you every step of the way.

"Because today is not a dress rehearsal for life... 
this is it... this moment, this day... this is all we have. 
 So stop waiting for tomorrow and start living a life 
you love TODAY."
   - Tracey-Leigh Davey -
Testimonial from Client
Female, aged 37
“I am doing so fantastic and have been rising ever since working with you. Everyone around me is super happy about it too. 
 I’m very lucky to have had the support I did and your wisdom still resonates now. 
 Who would’ve thought life was so fun! 
 I recognise certain behaviours now from a mile away and run, and I’m so full of forgiveness and peace and s**t!  
I'm really happy and that’s the best outcome I could have asked for. 
 The old problems and stress are not mine to deal with and it’s oh so liberating and amazing.  Anyway, I just wanted to say 
thank you so much for all your help when 
I needed it most.  It was the steps I needed 
to move forwards with my life and I couldn’t 
be happier now. ” 

Client Testimonial
Male client, aged 34
“When I came to see you, I had hit my absolute rock bottom – a failed marriage and unhappy career path, mega financial debt and a drug addiction to top it all off!  You helped me to believe that I had the power to change the direction of my life and through implementing the strategies you taught me, I have been able to successfully transition into a prosperous and fulfilling career, with a beautiful young family and fiancé to come home to that I feel well equipped to support financially, emotionally and spiritually.  The drug addiction and financial problems now seem like a distant memory – crazy to think that during my darkest days I never imagined this to be within the realms of possibility!  Thank you so much for all your efforts in rescuing my life and helping me to become the person I  am today.”
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The Freedom Package

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